WordPress Business Listing Plugin

Best WordPress Business Listing Plugins for a better online presence across the internet

WordPress Business Listing Plugin

WordPress Business Listing Plugin. Here are a small list and their work that you might use to boost your business to a greater level.

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- What are these?

Business Listing is a popular technique used by most online business around the world. These are also called directories.

Directories have the collection of all websites or posts related to the same industry. This gives you a quick look at a variety of sites and posts at a glimpse. This may drive you highly targeted traffic.

So, whenever someone visits these directories will eventually reach your site.

Best WordPress Business Listing Plugin

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- How to add to the listing?

Business Listing could be done through submitting your blog to these directories. Once you submit, the site owner may take quite a few days to review your post or site and then approve according to their quality guidelines.

Business Listing Plugin these days makes the submission really easier. Each time you post something on WordPress, it will automatically submit the post to their respective directory. This way thing gets way easier with Wordpress Business Listing Plugin.

Here is a 131+ Manually Verified Directory Submission List.

Best WordPress Business Listing Plugins for a better online presence across the internet

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- Have SEO benefit?

In short, the answer is No!

Directories contain a lot of links in them, so rarely any fraction of Page Rank flows into it. Page Ranks are divided in all these links that it has almost nil link juice.

But in some cases, there are Premium Directories. These Directories set a rel=”nofollow” tag in their link. This NoFollow tag prevents those link from getting and SEO or Search Engine Optimisation benefit.

But once you pay them for the link, they remove this NoFollow tag and so your site gets SEO benefits.

But Google might see them as paid link so Google may not value them much for determining the post ranking in Google Search Result.

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- Best Plugin List

Here is the list of the best Wordpress Business Listing Plugin. This list would be useful to you:

  1. Business Directory Plugin
  2. Connections Business Directory
  3. Super WordPress Business Directory Listing Plugin
  4. GeoDirectory
  5. Directory Pro
  6. Advanced Classified and Directory Pro
  7. Name Directory
  8. Web 2.0 Directory Plugin
  9. BePro Listing
  10. Sabai Directory


So far we have talked about the Best WordPress Business Listing Plugin. Here is a complete guide about what are Business Listing, how good are these, and lot more. In the end, I have provided 10 best plugins for this purpose. Make sure to check this Best WordPress plugins for business for a detailed info.

Author: Subhrangshu Adhikary

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