Best WordPress Plugins For Business- #10 Coolest WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins For Business- #10 Coolest WordPress Plugins You Must Try

Best WordPress Plugins For Business | The Coolest Ones

WordPress is the number one choice of bloggers all around the world. Among all sites around the world, 27% of them are made on WordPress.

Thanks to this amazing popularity, we have a ton of plugins available for us to choose from. So, based on these we will review 10 best WordPress Plugins for Business ideas in mind.

Best WordPress Plugins For Business- List of 10 Coolest WordPress Plugins

Following are the Coolest WordPress Plugins that are business oriented.

Best WordPress Plugins For Business Coolest WordPress Plugins

  1. SEO by Yoast

SEO is the key factor of business success in the world of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO will boost your Google Search Rankings. So unless your site rankings are high, you won’t have a lot of success online.

To make sure Google can understand what your site is all about, SEO is a really vital factor.

To handle SEO based content for your site, SEO by Yoast is the number one choice. This will guide you step by step of writing each section of SEO based contents. Not just this, this will tell you how much easy or difficult it is for readers.

This plugin also creates a sitemap and pings search engine when you post something new or update an existing one.

Whenever I create a blog, the first Plugin that I install is SEO by Yoast. This is really the top of Coolest WordPress plugin list which is suited for business or blogs alike.

2. WP Total Cache

Next important factor is the speed of your site. Amazon from a study said that each second of their site slows, they lose a huge fraction of their sales.

Site speed is important. If your site takes really long to load then no one will stick to your site and go to another one.

But how do you improve your site speed?

The answer is by caching and minifying CSS. You can do all these in WP Total Cache. This will significantly reduce your page load speed.

You may check your page speed from Google Page Speed Insight tool. Now, one additional suggestion, disable all JetPack features associated with page speed like Lazy Load image, etc. This entangles coding and slows down the site.  This is also one of the best WordPress plugins for business.

3. AMP for WP

Your site needs to be really fast loading for your mobile users. Google these days are focusing a lot on sites that are compatible with mobile. You don’t need to display all contents of a desktop site to a mobile user. This is why you may want to have a separate mobile version of your site without much effort.

Now, this is when plugins like AMP for WP by Ahmed Kaludi and Muhammed Kaludi takes place. This is among the best WordPress plugin for business.

This creates a mobile version of your site with just a few clicks and without affecting your site’s performance. This is among the Coolest WordPress Plugins for AMP sites.

4. Smush

Now the most important factor which slows down a site is images. Now Smush is one of the best WordPress plugins for business which optimize image automatically.

When you add an image to your post or image library, Smush automatically compresses and optimize the image and improves site speed.

5. WP Embed Code Generator

This plugin is sometimes hard to find from search result so here is the direct download link.

This plugin is essential and one of the Best WordPress plugins for business. What it does is place an embed code generator at each infographic or any media of your site. Anyone who wants to put it on their site can easily put that over there.

When one embeds any content from your site to their one, this indicates Google that this page must be really good so people are linking to it. This way Google will put more emphasis on your site than others.

6. PrettyLinks

URL shortener is really vital these days. This is why Best WordPress Plugins For Business these days is PrettyLinks. PrettyLink helps you to shorten a long ugly looking URL into a shorter and beautiful URL.

Short URLs have high SEO values. If your URL is long, Google thinks of it as a highly specific page so unless someone searches for a highly specific term, your site won’t rank on Google.

On the other hand, if your URL is short, your site will start ranking for multiple terms. One more factor is short URLs have a greater Click Through rate of number of clicks per thousand impressions.

This is also among the Coolest WordPress Plugins that converts really well.


According to me, HelloBar is the Best WordPress Plugins For Business that we have talked about till now.

You have to visit HelloBar site, sign up there, create one bar or exit popups then integrate the Plugin with WordPress.

I have tested many email subscription tools, HelloBar is so far the best one. HelloBar helps you collect user emails a lot faster with a large click-through rate.

Your email subscribers are your most loyal fans. You may send them promotional emails and so they come back again and again to your site.

With HelloBar you can turn your one time visitors to permanent fans.

8. Updraft Plus

Your site is always vulnerable. To both technical difficulties or hackers. Your data always need to remain safe. This is why you could try one of the Best WordPress Plugins For Business and blogs is Updraft Plus.

Updraft Plus will automatically backup all your data to Google Drive so no matter how vulnerable conditions appear, you are always safe.

9. WP Optimize

Your WordPress creates a lot of unnecessary temporary stuff. Once their work is done, they are not required afterward. So these files need to be cleaned from the database so that site runs fast as ever.

WP Optimize cleans entire system automatically so that your site doesn’t need to keep that extra load.

This is also one of the Best WordPress Plugins For Business because it automatically frees up your server bandwidth.

10. SEO Writing Assistant SEMRush

The reason for keeping this in last of Best WordPress Plugins For Business although it is one of the Coolest WordPress plugins is it is Premium. You have to pay a good amount of money each month for using it.

This tool is quite similar to SEO by Yoast. But this has a lot more additional features like  LSI keyword or Latent Semantic Keyword. These will help you to rank on multiple closely related keywords. This is how you can rank for a wide variety of keywords from just one post.

This will help your site grow a lot faster.


So, here is the end of Best WordPress Plugins For Business also the Coolest WordPress Plugins. So by far we have discussed all amazing plugins and reviewed how and why should we use them. You may try this Blog vs Vlog Income to learn whether you should Blog or Vlog.