Cheap VPS Hosting- #5 Best In Class Affordable Hosting

Cheap VPS Hosting- #5 Best In Class Affordable Hosting

Cheap VPS Hosting, to think of it there comes numerous names to mind. But today we will discuss only those that are really really strong and comes at a low cost.

VPS is Virtual Private Server, in this, you get a virtual computer with desired RAM, Processor and you configure it as your own server. Do exactly whatever you want. These pay as you go plan so you only pay for the exact time that you use service and you can easily upgrade or downgrade this service.

If you are new in this field and don’t have much technical knowledge, try Shared hosting.

Without much delay, let us dive into it.

Cheap VPS Hosting

Cheap VPS Hosting- Virtual Private Server

Here we are considering Cheap VPS Hosting list of 5 Best affordable VPS.

1. DigitalOcean

My Personal Favourite. Digital Ocean is insanely strong, powerful and scalable Cloud VPS service.

With each droplet you create, you get a Dedicated IP address. You get to choose your OS. Popular choices are Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora.

These droplets are scalable, resizable and pay as you go pricing. That is, you only pay for as many hours you use service and as much resource you are consuming.

The problem with DigitalOcean is it requires high skills to operate. Support is not that great. All you can do is to follow Forum and see tutorials from it. But seriously, I have never felt such amazing power in any VPS.

Cheap VPS Hosting

2. CloudCone

CloudCone is known for its really really cheap price. You might visit their site and leave then wait a few more days. You will start receiving their remarketing ads in your Facebook newsfeeds and through other display ads. Now when you get this service from here, you will get a lifetime discount.

This one is really cheap. You will get 1 GB VPS for just $4. And with discount, that will fall below $2.

Their support is great too, you might give it a try.

3. VPSCheap.Net

VPSCheap is a well-reputed company when it comes to VPS. It’s pricing starts at only $1.66 each month.

This one has good support features too. You might choose this as a good deal of Cheap VPS Hosting and for a really really affordable price.

4. InterServer

InterServer is a Canadian company providing amazing service when it comes to VPS. This one is among the best VPS. It’s 1GB RAM plan starts at $6. You might shift to it for insane power.

With InterServer, your site can handle the insane amount of visitors. You don’t even need a Dedicated Server afterward unless you don’t host too many videos.

5. BlueHost

BlueHost is the official recommendation of WordPress. It provides Cheap VPS hosting with cloud Technology with excellent speed, reliability, uptime, and support.

BlueHost is a real big name. This is why you can trust it blindly. On the other hand, as WordPress officially recommends BlueHost, that signifies BlueHost has some incredible powers.


So, here we finally concluding Cheap VPS Hosting list of Best 5. These VPSs provides a really powerful hosting. VPS are virtual computers that you can use to host your sites.

VPS is used when your site is receiving a good amount of traffic. Shared Hostings have certain limitations. After reaching a certain amount of visitor at a real-time, site crash. Visitors see 5xx error.

At this stage, you need a scalable more powerful hosting solution like VPS.

With VPS, whenever you are having more visitors, you can switch to higher configuration plans and when there are low visitors, you can switch to lower plans.

You may also use load balancing through Cloud VPS. That is each consecutive visitors will be redirected to different servers of the same site.

We wish your success.

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