LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst

LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst

LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst. These LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic Keywords are the key terms and phrases which helps you to rank for multiple keywords in Google or any Search Engine.

LSI Keywords are used for different phrases with similar search intent.

What is LSI SEO? Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI SEO or Latent Semantic Indexing Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of ranking on a post from your site for multiple key phrases. When done properly, your posts will start receiving tons and tons of traffic.

In one article, suppose you have talked about “dog food” as focus¬†keyword. Now if you optimize your post with proper LSI Keywords, you will start ranking on terms like “dog food”, “healthy diets for dog”, “dog nutrition”, and such terms.

Latent Semantic Indexing is showing Google and other Search Engines that all these key phrases are similar and this post covers them all. This way Google, instead of ranking your content for one term, it will rank on multiple terms.

Keyword Density in SEO useful anymore?

Keyword Density in SEO is an important ranking factor for search engine optimizations. These Keywords or Search terms are the phrases which you type on Google to search for a topic.

CookBook rule is when you write a post, you need to repeat that keyword multiple times when so Search Engines can understand that what the post is all about.

Once upon a time, this was so popular that people started repeating the same term over and over again in their post. Instead of providing some value to users, they just keep on repeating the same thing again and again. This is a BlackHat or not so ethical technique, called Keyword Stuffing.

Soon after Google realized this, Google provided a new major update to their algorithm to get rid of these kinds of spammy activities. After this update, whenever Google sees and keyword it gets triggered, Oh well this site is something about this keyword. Next time when it sees the same keyword, google thinks oh well this post is all about this topic.

But after a few times, if Google sees the same keyword again and again, Google thinks that there is something wrong about this site. Google treats this as a spam or low-quality site. Google Penalizes this site and its ranking o=goes Down.

What is Ideal Keyword Density?

There is no answer to this question. Google loves quality content. If it is meant for people, Google will rank it higher whether there are stuffing or not.

But there is some recommendation from our side. If your focus keyword consists of 1 word, you can go up to 4% Keyword Density without considering it to be spam. But if your keyword is of 2 words, you better keep the density below 2.5% or repeating 5 times per 200 words.

If it is of 3-4 words then, keyword density should be approx 1.5%. If it is of 6 words and above, keep it between 0.4-0.8%.

What about LSI SEO in Keyword Density?

Now, if you optimize your content really well, you don’t even have to care about Keyword Density anymore. Keyword Density does not matter if you analyze synonym of your focus keyword and implement them properly. Provided that you don’t stuff keyword.

How to analyze synonym of Focus Keyword and implement proper LSI SEO?

To Analyze Synonym of focus keyword and implement them properly, there are several techniques that we will discuss now.

1.SEO Writing Assistance by SEMRush

SEO Writing Assistance by SEMRush is a WordPress Plugin that will help you with proper implementation of LSI Keywords. With this plugin, you can easily add your focus keyword and SEMRush will automatically suggest you with all edits that you need to rank for multiple key phrases.

Unfortunately, this plugin is NOT Free. You need to purchase SEMRush package for using this.

2. SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin

SEO by Yoast is truly one of a kind plugin. It is really amazing. It will help you write really high-quality Search Engine Optimized Content. This Plugin is a primary choice for all WordPress Bloggers.

With the free plan, you can optimize your post for only one Focus Keyword. But for other LSI keywords, you can use the Premium Version of Yoast SEO Plugin. Well, with the premium version, you can add multiple key phrases and Yoast will suggest you will all SEO guidance that you need.

3. LSI Generator Tools

With LSI Generator Tools, you can add your main keyword and these tools will Analyze Synonym of your Focus Keyword and suggest you with all Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword so you can rank really really high for a lot of keywords simultaneously for the same post.

Common LSI SEO Keyword generators are:

  1. LSI Graph
  2. Twin Word

You can use these tools to Analyze Synonym or close meaning terms for your focus Keyword and Generate LSI Keyword.


On the bottom line, LSI SEO is the art of optimizing a post from your blog or website so that it can rank for a large number of keywords and get immense traffic.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is to analyze synonym for a Focus keyword and add those similar terms with same searcher’s intent. This way the post can rank for a large number of keywords and with minimum effort, you can a lot of benefits.

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By: Subhrangshu Adhikary