Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets Of #5 High Earning Freelancers

Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets Of #5 High Earning Freelancer

Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets Of #5 High Earning Freelancer.

Freelancing is the best form of work from home where you have no commitment. If you wish, you can work, if you want to rest, no one to stop you. Freelancing made it possible to earn a lot of money without being pressurized by the boss.

Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets

What is Freelance Digital Marketing?

Freelance Marketing or basically Freelance Digital Marketing is a popular earning source for many. Not only as part-time jobs but as a full-time livelihood.

So what is Freelance Marketing?

Freelance Marketing is the art of earning through part-time, self-reliant jobs. Jobs that you want to do at your own leisure and have no 9-5 commitment.

This could include selling your own short-term service or gig. Creating eBooks and articles and selling them in Amazon Kindle or any publishing site. Teaching courses on Udemy or Udacity. Freelance Graphics Design jobs and many more.

Freelance Marketing

Sources of Freelance Marketing

Now we will discuss the sources of Freelance Marketing.

  • Fiverr: is a great platform for new Freelancers. It is really easy to open an account and get yourself some sells. Well at first, this could be difficult to get the first few customers. Soon you will have some.
  • UpWork: is another amazing freelancing platform. But approval in it takes some effort.
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Writing eBooks and selling them around the world was never as easy before.
  • Udemy: Udemy provides an amazing source of earing by creating Courses for students who want to learn more. If you are good at something, go create some courses worth pursuing.

There are many more reputed freelance services available. You can get into any of them. The only thing you need to succeed is dedication, patience, and hard work.

Freelance Digital Marketing Success Stories- Work From Home to generate Millions

Here are some of the Personalities who proved it that Freelancers Could earn a lot when they are dedicated. Here are they and their stories.

Alun Hill- $30,000 a month from Udemy without Ads

Alun Hill has proved that one can reach $30,000 a month without any ads. Although this dates back by few months.

He was a journalist and spent over 40 years to interview business peoples. He combined all these experiences on Udemy. This gets him outshined. His income drastically increased. This inspired lot of young minds to take a freelancing career in Udemy.

He had amazing strategies to rank high on Udemy search engine which led him to earn over a Million Dollars.

Jerry Banfield- Using SEM or Search Engine Marketing by Google AdWords to grab over $30,000 a month

Jerry Banfield is another prolific Udemy Instructor working as a freelance full-time tutor. According to reports, jerry last year in 2017 earned $255,315 with a profit of $136,207.

Well, that’s a lot of money and a lot of inspiration.

Jerry Created his course and used Google AdWords effectively to show his courses on SERP. With amazing optimization, he converted most of his visitors into the lead. Gaining him a huge revenue.

Google AdWord is a powerful way to get into the first page of Google. Google AdWords need a lot of money to show ads.

If you insist to move on paths of Jerry, better use AdWords to turn visitors into permanent subscribers. Now, if you try to sell on the first attempt, you may lose money. If you turn your one time visitor into permanent subscribers, you can have a recurrent business from them. Build a relationship with your visitors.

Charmanie Pocek- $38,000-$48,000 a month from Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace. You can sell your service or buy service from others for as low as $5. Depending on service, prices could go up to a few hundred bucks. These are small part-time jobs called gigs. Once you set your pace, there is no stopping.

Charmanie Pocek is from Houston a full-time freelancer.

She writes Resume, is a career consultant and recruiter.

Started freelancing in 2011. At starting of her journey, she didn’t make enough. Gradually she took 4-5 years to reach up to this stage. She worked 50-55 hours a week.

Charmanie Pocek is fortunate enough to be featured on Forbes.

Ben T- Highest earner on Upwork- $20,000 a month

Ben T is a Personal Finance Writer. He had an amazing job success rate of 100%. Don’t believe? Read this.

He is from the United States and charges $95 for each hour he works on UpWork. Considering 50-55 hours of work each week, he is earning $20,000+ each month.

Mark Dawson- $450,000 a year from Amazon- Self Published Author

Mark  Dawson is a Crime Thriller Writer from London. Amazon has provided an amazing platform for self-published authors. Many young authors who can’t get a platform to outshine their skills or not have enough money, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing gave them the chance to prove themselves to the world.

Mark Dawson is a self-published writer and by now he had sold over 300,000 copies of his books. Last year according to reports, Amazon paid him $450,000. He is fortunate enough to be featured on Forbes.


On the bottom line, Freelance Digital Marketing is showing a bright future ahead. People slowly and steadily shifting toward online. Soon the internet will capture the entire world in every aspect. We might reach a stage where we will buy groceries internet. Well, all these e-commerce sites made it look possible. This will grow much more in near future.

There will be immense competition in the future in online industries. Get yourself some grip and move forward with freelancing jobs.

Read this blog vs vlog income report which might as well help you to decide your work from home career further.

Blog vs Vlog Income- A quick and detailed analysis for you

Blog vs Vlog Income- A quick and detailed analysis for you

Blogs and Vlogs Income. Both work way differently than we think. But we will take a look at this further in different categories. Blogging can be of any platform and most are more or less alike. In case of Vlogs, we will consider only youtube but the same strategy takes place on other platforms too.

How Blogs vs Vlog Income takes place?

In case of vlogs, or video logs, these are generally hosted on youtube. So let’s discuss youtube earning first. blog vs vlog income

Blog vs Vlog Income source

Primary source of earning from youtube is Google Adsense. Google AdSense is the world’s most reputed ad network with high commission rates. Most YouTubers earn by displaying Google AdSense ads on their vlogs. Once upon a time AdSense ads could be integrated by any YouTubers. By soon spamming strikes and AdSense changes policy that every youtube channel would be manually reviewed before displaying ads. Soon after that new policies demanded 10,000 views are required before displaying ads. But this time people spammed YouTube by copyrighted content. Recent policies are strict which demands a Channel should have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watchtime in 12 months time. This is challenging and eliminates casual YouTubers.
Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship
Secondary source of income from youtube is Affiliate Marketing. That is you get commision from a seller whenever you help them sell a product. You may try Amazon Affiliate to know more about this. On the other hand, sponsorship is collaborating with some marketers and advertise their product. This was a blog vs vlogs income strategies on broad. Now we will discuss the amount of earning from both according to the effort required.

Blog vs Vlog Income – Earning vs Effort

Based on the effort and amount of money earned, Blog vs Vlog Income varies. For this to understand, we will assume the same amount of visitors for both and decide based on Ads earning. In case of YouTube, the first thing you need to think is about is video quality. For a youtube video, there are many things to note like a number of shots and long editing sessions. These are really time consuming. Also, lighting and backgrounds are big factors. Blog Vs Vlog Income On the other hand for blogs, if you are good at writing, you would need a maximum of 2 hours to write. And few minutes for decorations with media. In a day you may post even two content in a blog but for youtube, you need a long for editing purpose. And once you upload you cannot edit much in it. After all these efforts you put, now is time to calculate blog vs vlog income.

In case of AdSense ads

YouTube is a product of Google. So whenever you earn something through AdSense in youtube as well as Blogger subdomain blogs, Google pays only a fraction of money to the publisher compared to how much the advertiser has paid. Also, you have a limitation on how much as you can place per video. And even one more fact is that only a fraction of your views gets an ad impression. In case of Blogs, as it is non-hosted, Adsense pays a huge amount of money to the publisher. That is they cannot take the rent of hosting your content on their storage. These days AdSense has removed the restriction of how much as you can put on your blog unless there are more ads than text. Also, if viewers do not use any ad blocker then almost all views receive ad impressions. Also, you can manipulate your content for greater CPC that is cost per click on ads. In my opinion, based on efforts vs earning of blog vs vlog income, I believe earning on blogs are relatively 10 time more than vlogs.

The difficulty of getting views- Blog vs Vlog Income

So now big question of Blog vs Vlog income is receiving views. Blogs vs Vlog Income directly depends on views received. So, unless you have views, you won’t earn. So, now we will discuss blog vs vlog income depending on the difficulty of getting views. Blog Vs Vlog Income

Social Media Traffic

Views are also called Traffic. Now based on social media shares, it is easier for youtube to get more views from Social Media than on Search Engines. But this does not mean spamming your facebook timelines or creating fake accounts to promote. We are here to make you Think Grand. Open BuzzSumoBuzzSumo, then provide any search term related to your content. You will get articles that receive thousands of social shares on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You will get a list of millions of people who like similar contents. Scrape their email and send them a message asking for a share request. Even if a fraction of them shares your content, it will get viral soon. This strategy works equally well for both Blog vs Vlog Income. We will discuss these later.

Search Engine Traffic

Blogs vs Vlogs Income depends on views as we know. But the best way to get views are through Search Engine. Although YouTube is also a search engine, second biggest, Google still stands at first. YouTube algorithm works in a different manner. Which is highly versatile. So based on how quick engagement you receive, your posts will rank better on YouTube. but this is not the same for Google. Google has strict algorithms to provide the users the best experience that they can provide. So, it is comparatively easier to get more views on YouTube if you are regular, create good and targeted content. But for ranking on Google, it is a way to difficult. You have to keep a track of Search Engine Optimisation techniques. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, On-Site SEO. You need year-long time before you see yourself excelling in Google Search Result. We will teach you all these slowly. So, in our study of Blog vs Vlog Income, this was how you can increase your traffic.


Finally, our blog vs vlog income comparison comes to an end. So far we have talked about strategies of earning through our blogs and vlogs. And then which one earns more based on efforts. Lastly, how can one increase Traffic to their site. This was a detailed guide. If you think we have missed any point, then contact us, we will consider for an edit. By: Subhrangshu Adhikary