200+ Google Ranking factors and Algorithm Updates Picturised

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to decide how well a site should rank on Google. Google takes its time to evaluate all the factors and slowly and gradually they decide which position your site deserves to be at.

Now, when people comes to know about these factors, soon or later they find out spammy tactics to manipulate search results. To keep this in control, Google releases over 500 minor updates. But often in time they provides major algorithm updates too which drastically change how search engines work.

All spam sites which manipulate Google ranking factors to have a higher rank without relevancy are eliminated from the search result. In these kinds of situation, only those sites with perfect Whitehat SEO survives.

200+ Google Ranking Factors or Indicators along with Major Algorithm Updates

200+ Google Ranking Indicators and Major Algorithm updates
200+ Google Ranking Factors and Major Algorithm Updates

So, this was the infographic.

So there are so many things to look at before deciding what position should the page be at SERP. According to Neil Patel, if you are posting once a week and Getting around 5-10 Good quality Links each month, then at this pace it takes around two years to see ranking on Google.


So, you now know there are so many factors that are judged before putting your site to the first page of Google organically. Due to this strict policy Google has always provided the best result to the users and so they has been the number one choice for the users.

Google algorithm updates help to regulate spams from the search results and it does make sense. Searchers don’t want garbage in the search result. Only the most genuine content stands out in this arena.

Read How to see ranking on Google from day 1.


I have gathered these informations from the following sites and you are advised to go through them for a better understanding.

Rank From Day #1- Best Free Keyword Research Technique- With Proof

Rank From Day #1- Best Free Keyword Research Technique- With Proof

Rank From Day #1 on the #1st page of Google Search Result Best Free Keyword Research Technique- With Proof. The best part is this technique needs no backlink at all.

This process I have personally discovered after a lot of year-long experiment and this really works. With my new Domain, I did proper keyword research and made only one post. Had no backlinks. And it started to rank for long tail terms from 4th day and short tail ones after 2 months.

I did nothing to rank. Just proper keyword research, written one post and left it. If you are working on your site for at least 2-3 months, you will see your post ranking on the first page of Google right from the first day you have published.

Let us begin with it.

Requirements For Free Keyword Research 2018

The basic requirements for Best Free Keyword Research to rank on Google from the first day are few Google Chrome Extensions. Simply type Moz Bar chrome extension, you will see download links.

  1. Moz Bar

With Moz bar, whenever you search something on Google, below each search term, you will see Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA of the site. Also a number of backlinks it had and it’s spam score.

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another amazing Chrome Extension that will let you see monthly search volume of a keyword that you type on Google Query. Along with search volume, you will see Google AdWord CPC or Cost Per Click for paid ads to rank.

Along with this, it will help you to get many more keyword ideas. It gets all data from Google AdWords’s Keyword Planner.

3. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is another interesting tool for Free Keyword Research to rank on Google First Page. Below each search result, it will show you a list of all data for each result. This will give you an idea of your competitors. How strong their sites are.

Beside these Google Chrome extensions, you need few more tools. Next one is a site called:

4. UberSuggeset

UberSuggest is a free keyword research tool that lets you see data for your targeted keyword. It shows monthly search volume, CPC, AdWord Competition, Keyword Difficulty. These days they have added some more features to it making it similar to SEMRush. These new features include SERP or Search Engine Results pages details, social shares and many more.

The best part is it provides you with a large list of keyword suggestions making the process easier. You can even download these data into a CSV file.

Free Keyword Research Process To Rank On Google First Page From Day #1 2018

Now, let us begin with our Free Keyword Research Process. I have been searching a lot of keyword research lately.

I have tested Ahrefs, Moz, SpyFu, SEMRush, UberSuggest, BuzzSumo, Google Keyword Planner but none worked that well for me. Know why? This is because these tools are best suited for at least a little authoritative sites.

Problem with SEO Tools for newer sites

Unless you have DR of 10-15, Ahref’s suggestion might not work that well for you. Similar to Moz, if your DA is not around 20+, you can’t have an accurate prediction. This is what I have found from my personal observation.

In Moz, I searched a term, it predicted a difficulty score of 29. That means for a new site, it needs at least 3 months and 40+ Backlinks to rank. But with my new site, I ranked it within 4 days for the same term with zero backlinks to my entire site. My DA that time was 2.

Same with Ahrefs, it cannot predict data for too low competition keywords and site. It will show you N/A for most of the metrics. I have tried keywords with 1 Keyword Difficulty, and heck it remains nowhere to be found.

SpyFu, another popular SEO Tool, it gives you a very large variety of Keyword Suggestion. SpyFu has huge Keyword Database. It can give you a variety of keyword ideas. But it’s database is way too old.

UberSuggest and Google Keyword planner shows you the advertisers competition. That is how much do advertisers bid in Google AdWord for that term to rank on the first page of Google Search. But this competition score has nothing to do with how fast the content will rank. This Competition metric shows how profitable the keyword is for advertisers. More they pay money to rank for this term, it means those terms providing them immense value.

How to do Free Keyword Research That works exceptionally well

Here I will show you step by step what you need to do:

1. Choosing Parent Topic

Your first step is to choose your parent topic. The post you are currently having in mind, keep the main topic in mind. For example, we are going to write about a particular portion of “Online Marketing”. Now online marketing in a particular is a very big topic to deal with. But this would be our Parent Topic or Parent Keyword.

2. Typing it on Google Search and See Search Volume With Keywords Everywhere Extension

I have told you beforehand to install Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension. Now when you search for a particular term in Google Search bar, this Plugin will show you it’s average monthly search volume, AdWord Competition and CPC for that term.

At this stage, you can see Google Providing a number of search results for that term. This may be over million. Do not panic, we will take care of that soon.

Now next step is to narrow down search result with Long Tail Keywords. You type your parent keyword, then add a Space. You will see Google suggest you more keywords. Manually check them out.

With Keywords Everywhere tool you can check LSI Keywords or closely related keywords and see their volume and CPC. If it has a Good amount of Search Volume and CPC, then simply check that one too.

3. Check the Real Competition

Your next step is to check your true competition. For this, you need to add quotation mark in your search Query. This is “keyword”. This will filter out all unnecessary terms and will keep only the exact match.

You will see the number of search results drop drastically to few thousands or few hundreds now.

Matt Cutts from Google Webmaster tools once said that if you create something that no one else had ever created, you will rank high enough.

This is true. If there are just few search results for that exact query, Google will focus on your site more.

Among these few hundred posts, if you publish proper SEO post, you will rank in those search terms right at that day. If search results are low then you can even rank within an hour for that quotation search query.

Soon your post rank for that specific query at that narrowed result, it will soon rank for that broad phrase. Real soon, maybe around a month or two.

How much Search Result to target for?

Now, your post will rank sooner if there is a lack of competition. That is you are finding low competition keywords.

Basically, this depends on the niche you are in:

For Competitive Niche

When you have a Competitive Niche, you need to focus on lower result terms.

For Competitive Niche, it means they have a high amount of Backlinks (check with Moz Bar and SEO Quake Chrome Extensions), they keep updating regularly.

If you have these kinds of Niche, if there are 100k to 500k results, you can easily rank it for long tail keywords. Soon after a few months, you will see the ranking for shorter terms too.

If you see quotation search results to be around 200-1000, it will rank within a few hours. At the same time,  if it is of a competitive niche and has over 10,000 quotation search result, you will have a harder time ranking.

For Low Competition Niche

For low Competitive Niche, that is they are not updated frequently, gives owner not much value apart from display ads, all casual blogs fall in this category.

Now in this are, with your brand new Domain Website or Blog, you can target even for Million Search Result keywords too. You can rank for even 100k quotation results too and your site will even rank for that in just a couple of months.

Submitting to Google Indexing request

The final part of the story is to submit your URL to Google Search Console. I guess you have already submitted your sitemap to Google Search COnsole. If you have not done it yet, do it right now.

Now, open search console, and there is a tab for URL Inspection. Submit your URL there and press Live Test URL. Then Google will take a moment to crawl that URL. Next after that press Request Indexing.

When you Request Indexing, Google Will Prioritise your content to Index faster. This way if everything works Good, your site will rank within a couple of minutes.


Here I am giving you live proof.

Free keyword research to rank on first page of Google without backlinks or referring domains

This is one of my sites. I purchased this site, written three posts and left it idle. It’s Domain Authority was 2.

Here is the entire story

Now, I have written an article about a topic called “Subho Mahalaya 2018”. The number of search result was only about 100k. And quotation results were 256.

After I wrote for this article and submitted in Google Search Console, it got ranked in this quotation term within few minutes.

Now, on the fourth day I noticed, the site is ranked for that term in Google First page without quotation. But on the same day, it disappeared.

I realised that Google is experimenting with my site for the best result placement.

Further down the Timeline

About a month from then, I realised based on server location, my site ranked differently. I did advanced search option from Google.

About two months from then, I could see my site ranking on the first page of Google Search for any term related to that.

Another month passed, and then I can see my site has ranked for even shorted and higher competitive term, “Mahalaya 2018”, beating 7 lakh results.

Finally, after the event, you can see from this picture that on an average, my site ranked 8.3 in Google. Beating 20 lakh other results.

One note: Google Prioritise sites that are out there for a longer time. Even if never results are from authoritative sites, Google always prefers posts those are older.

Now, I will try to Solve some FAQ questions regarding Keywords. If you have some question, contact us, I will love to help you out.

What report can help you identify opportunities to improve your keywords and ads?

Today on this discussion, I have talked about Keyword Research to organically rank on Google First page. I have not talked about Keyword Research for paid ads. I plan to cover that on a later post, I wish you would check in within a couple of days.

But still, I would like to answer your question.

Reports that can help you identify opportunities to improve your keywords and ads are AdWord competition.

See, an advertiser bids high price only for a term that drives them good revenue. When lots of advertisers bid for the same term, for high CPC, that keyword is highly fortunate. This is a free keyword research for advertisers.

Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on google?

See, there are numerous ad types. It could be display ads, banner ads, popups, popunders, search result ads.

Campaign type an advertiser use to target users searching on Google, by the name of it, its Search Result ads.

Use tools like UberSuggest to find the best keyword suitable for you with free keyword research technique I just described.

There are varieties of ads by Google like doubleclick ads and many more, but choose AdWords which helps you advertise on search results.

With proper keyword research, free or paid, you can rank for them easily and save a  lot of money.

Before beginning an internet search to find supporting information for your topic, you must know?

Before beginning an internet search to find supporting information for your topic, you must know what keyword you are looking for.

This is the converse of Keyword Research that we have discussed till now.

The matter of fact, Keyword research is done to understand the psychology of the searchers, understanding their searcher’s intent, what are they looking for, and many more. This is done to deliver the best-suited result to the user that they are looking for.

On a converse scale, as a user what you are looking for is also important to look at. For the most perfect result, you need to point to the same thing that publishers had written.

For this to keep in mind, you can add phrases that are best suited for what you are looking for.

Make it a long tail keyword search, that is it needs to be around 4-6 words at least, if not more. This way you can easily find the exact result that you are looking for.


Finally, we are concluding this post here. By now we have talked about Free Keyword Research technique that works for 2018 and subsequent years to rank for a specific key phrase within just a matter of time even if your site is brand new with no Authority at all.

I have told about all free tools plugins that you need to do your free keyword research.

After that, I have shown a proof and described the entire story.

And finally, have answered some FAQs which are related to the context but for advertiser and searcher’s point of view.

You can read more on keyword research to rank your post for multiple terms here in this article called LSI SEO.

By: Subhrangshu Adhikary

Best #175+ Verified High DA DoFollow Free Directory Submission 2018 List

Best #175+ Verified High DA DoFollow Free Directory Submission 2018 List

Best #175+ Verified High DA DoFollow Free Directory Submission 2018 List. Directory Submission has been some of the most popular practices in the field of Digital Marketing.

Directories are the sites that contain a list of all websites classified into a specific category. Visitors of these Business Listing companies can hover through these sites and find the site that suits them most.

This way business owners can get highly targeted visitors for their site.

These WordPress Business Listing Plugin will help you to add all your posts to directories real quick. And PuSHPress WordPress Plugin will let your post to ping Search engines quicker.

SEO Advantage of Directories

One of the biggest SEO Advantage of Business Listing sites is faster Indexing. Google and other Search Engines Spider bots keep on crawling these sites for new contents. This is why if you submit in directories, this may help Google to find your site. But for the same purpose, spreading links of Social Media works better.

One SEO Advantage of Directory Submissions is a DoFollow link. But many Directories charge money to give a DoFollow link. All free links are NoFollowed by these sites. NoFollow attributes make the link of no use to Search Engines.

Now when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation techniques, Directory Listing been an age-old procedure for better ranking. People used to submit their site to these directories and get a high-quality DoFollow backlink real quick. This helped sites to get a huge amount of traffic from search engines with a better ranking.

These directory owners do not check contents well and these links are so easy to get. Directory Owners often use spammy tactics like paid links. Google Hates paid links. Google sees paid Backlinks as spam this is because Google wants quality for their users.

Soon after that Google updated their algorithm and now Directories provide no link juice to the site. These days Directory submission won’t have much impact on Search Engine Traffic.

Should you spend time with Directory Submissions?

Well, it depends. It depends on the type of industry you are in. For B2C company or Business to Consumer niche, directories are useful. By adding your B2C company to your business listing directory, people who are searching for a specific product can find you real quick.

But if you are from B2B company or Business to Business Niche, Directory submissions are of no use. You better spend your time with something else.

These directory listings would redirect their targeted visitor to your site. By this way, if you are having a B2C company, you can have a highly targeted visitor to your site which may result in a sale.

Instead, if you are from B2B company, you need more search traffic. So better spend that time for ranking.

How to Submit your site to Free Directory Submission 2018 Sites?

Before you go to Submit your site to Free Directory Submission Sites, 2018, take a note. Write down your name, your company name, few descriptions.

Then visit these sites, and navigate to the submission area. There choose your category. Add details that you have already kept note. Press submit. It will go for a review and after some time, if the owner likes your content they will approve and else they will reject.

There are two kinds of Directory to submit:

Accept Deep Link

These are Directories in which you can submit all your post. After review, they will be visible to the audience. In these, you can add an article from your site. You can submit http://www.yoursite.com/category1/your-post.

Do Not Accept Deep Link

These are the Business listing Directory which does not accept deep links. You can add only your home page URL. You can add only http://www.yoursite.com and not any post from it.

List of High DA DoFollow Free Directory Submission Sites 2018

So here this List Begins:

  1. www.submitexpress.com/
  2. www.activesearchresults.com/
  3. www.gigablast.com/
  4. www.search.sonicrun.com/
  5. www.viesearch.com/submit
  6. www.somuch.com
  7. www.somuch.com
  8. www.pegasusdirectory.com/
  9. www.1abc.org/
  10. www.freeprwebdirectory.com/
  11. www.usalistingdirectory.com/
  12. www.cipinet.com/
  13. www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/submit.php
  14. www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/submit.php
  15. www.one-sublime-directory.com
  16. www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/
  17. www.intelseek.com/
  18. www.directory5.org
  19. www.gainweb.org
  20. www.alistdirectory.com/
  21. www.highrankdirectory.com/
  22. www.alistdirectory.com/submit.php
  23. www.sitepromotiondirectory.com
  24. www.highrankdirectory.com/submit.php2
  25. www.gmawebdirectory.com/submit.php
  26. www.wldirectory.com
  27. www.weboworld.com/
  28. www.directoryws.com/
  29. www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/
  30. www.addirectory.org/
  31. www.gainweb.org/submit.php
  32. www.canadawebdir.com/submit.php
  33.  www.txtlinks.com/
  34. www.abacusseo.com/
  35. www.1abc.org
  36. www.ukinternetdirectory.net/submit.php
  37. www.directoryvault.com/submit.php
  38. www.thalesdirectory.com/submit/
  39. www.a1webdirectory.org/
  40. www.a1webdirectory.org
  41. www.fidofindit.com
  42. www.directory-free.com
  43. www.namedirectory.com.ar/
  44. www.submitlink.com.ar/
  45. www.webdirectory.co.in
  46. www.webdirectory1.biz
  47. www.fat64.net
  48. www.directory3.org
  49. www.alivelinks.org/
  50. www.usawebsitesdirectory.com/
  51. www.monsterdirectory.com.ar/
  52. www.addbusiness.net/submit.php
  53. www.rocktheadored.com/submit.php
  54. www.fat64.net/submit.php
  55. www.247webdirectory.com/save.aspx
  56. www.directory-free.com/submit/submitted.php
  57. www.pakranks.com/submit.php
  58. www.a1webdirectory.org/submit
  59. www.usawebsitesdirectory.com/submit.php
  60. www.corpdirectory.info
  61. www.ukdirectory.com.ar
  62. www.directorystaff.com
  63. www.pinklinker.com/
  64. www.greylinker.com/
  65. www.redlinker.com/
  66. www.classdirectory.org/
  67. www.seofriendly.com.ar/
  68. www.onemilliondirectory.com/
  69. www.addnewlink.com.ar/
  70. www.bedwan.com/
  71. www.fastdirectory.com.ar/
  72. www.prdirectory.com.ar/
  73. www.starsdirectory.com.ar/
  74. www.addnewlink.com.ar/
  75. www.ukdirectory.com.ar/
  76. www.linkdirectorylistings.org/
  77. www.gardendirectory.com.ar/
  78. www.prdirectory.com.ar/
  79. www.corpdirectory.info/
  80. www.bedwan.com/submit.php
  81. www.onlinesociety.org/submit.php
  82. www.onlinesociety.org/submit.php
  83. www.addbusiness.net/submit.php
  84. www.siteswebdirectory.com/submit.php
  85. www.prolinkdirectory.com/
  86. www.ncdirectory.com.ar
  87. www.dirhello.com/
  88. www.onlinesociety.org
  89. www.businez24by7.com/
  90. www.add-page.com
  91. www.ampledirectory.com
  92. www.h-log.com/
  93. www.vipdirectory.com.ar/
  94. www.weblister.com.ar/
  95. www.10directory.info/
  96. www.submityourlink.com.ar/
  97. www.linkforfree.com.ar/
  98. www.optimisationdirectory.info/
  99. www.powerdirectory.com.ar/
  100. www.promotebusinessdirectory.com/
  101. www.generaldirectorylistings.org/submit.php
  102. www.promotebusinessdirectory.com/submit.php
  103. www.pakranks.com/submit.php
  104. www.skoobe.biz/index.php
  105. www.alligatordirectory.com/
  106. www.postfreedirectory.com/
  107. www.urltrawler.com/
  108. www.directorymaster.com.ar/
  109. www.web-host-industry.com/
  110. www.businessfreedirectory.com/
  111. www.addyourwebsite.com.ar/
  112. www.newfreedirectory.com.ar/
  113. www.mediadesk.org/
  114. www.suggest-url.net/suggest-url.php
  115. www.mugro.info/submit.php
  116. www.nonar.com/submit.php
  117. www.submit.biz/index.php
  118. www.1websdirectory.com/add_data.aspx
  119. www.anoj.org/submit.php
  120. www.linknom.com/
  121. www.reliancedir.com/
  122. www.gtspauae.com/
  123. www.simpledirectory.com.ar/
  124. www.handtucher.net/
  125. www.zendirectory.com.ar/
  126. www.9sites.net/submit.php
  127. www.wldirectory.com/submit.php
  128. www.picktu.com/submit.php
  129. www.urltrawler.com
  130. www.taurusdirectory.com
  131. www.intwebdirectory.com
  132. www.erskinedesign.eu
  133. www.callyourcountry.com
  134. www.10directory.com
  135. www.seoseek.net
  136. www.biddingdirectory.com.ar/
  137. www.livepopular.com/
  138. www.dirjournal.info/
  139. www.free-link-directory.info/
  140. www.bidsyndicate.com.ar/
  141. www.directorylist.me/submit.php
  142. www.ranaf.com/
  143. www.livepopular.com/submit.php
  144. www.linkshere.com.ar
  145. www.directoryflow.com
  146. www.drtest.net
  147. www.zopso.com
  148. www.quickdirectory.biz
  149. www.a2place.com/
  150. www.businessfreedirectory.biz/
  151. www.pr3plus.com/
  152. www.urldirecting.com/
  153. www.addlinkzfree.com/
  154. www.w3catalog.com/submit.php
  155. www.galyeannursery.com/submit.php
  156. www.obln.org
  157. www.picktu.com/submit.php
  158. www.rajaf.com/submit.php
  159. www.submitx.com
  160. www.evolvingcritic.com
  161. www.247webdirectory.com
  162. www.linkspurt.com
  163. www.vip7star.com/
  164. www.towebmaster.net/
  165. www.marketingwebdirectory.com/
  166. www.abstractdirectory.org/
  167. www.buysellinnz.com/
  168. www.towerpromote.com/submit.php
  169. www.pr3plus.com/submit.php
  170. www.digabusiness.com/submit.php
  171. www.jeitacave.net/submit.php
  172. www.towebmaster.net/submit.php
  173. www.webgain.org/submit.php
  174. www.hdvconnect.com/submit.php
  175. www.acewebdirectory.com/add_data.aspx
  176. www.directoryseo.biz/submit.php
  177. www.fivestarsautopawn.com/
  178. www.vipdig.com/
  179. www.ribcast.com/
  180. www.abstractdirectory.com/
  181. www.azurtrading.com/
  182. www.canadiandirectory.org/submit.php
  183. www.marketingwebdirectory.com/submit.php
  184. www.sites-plus.com/submit
  185. www.the-net-directory.com/submit.php
  186. www.bizzdirectory.com/submit.php
  187. www.seanwise.com/submit.php
  188. www.freetoprankdirectory.com/submit.php
  189. www.5submission.com/
  190. www.graydir.com/
  191. www.tiptopdirectory.com/
  192. www.dmozgoogle.com/

Further Reference: Read This.

LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst

LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst

LSI SEO- Analyze Synonym Of Focus Keyword For Insane Traffic Outburst. These LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic Keywords are the key terms and phrases which helps you to rank for multiple keywords in Google or any Search Engine.

LSI Keywords are used for different phrases with similar search intent.

What is LSI SEO? Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI SEO or Latent Semantic Indexing Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of ranking on a post from your site for multiple key phrases. When done properly, your posts will start receiving tons and tons of traffic.

In one article, suppose you have talked about “dog food” as focus keyword. Now if you optimize your post with proper LSI Keywords, you will start ranking on terms like “dog food”, “healthy diets for dog”, “dog nutrition”, and such terms.

Latent Semantic Indexing is showing Google and other Search Engines that all these key phrases are similar and this post covers them all. This way Google, instead of ranking your content for one term, it will rank on multiple terms.

Keyword Density in SEO useful anymore?

Keyword Density in SEO is an important ranking factor for search engine optimizations. These Keywords or Search terms are the phrases which you type on Google to search for a topic.

CookBook rule is when you write a post, you need to repeat that keyword multiple times when so Search Engines can understand that what the post is all about.

Once upon a time, this was so popular that people started repeating the same term over and over again in their post. Instead of providing some value to users, they just keep on repeating the same thing again and again. This is a BlackHat or not so ethical technique, called Keyword Stuffing.

Soon after Google realized this, Google provided a new major update to their algorithm to get rid of these kinds of spammy activities. After this update, whenever Google sees and keyword it gets triggered, Oh well this site is something about this keyword. Next time when it sees the same keyword, google thinks oh well this post is all about this topic.

But after a few times, if Google sees the same keyword again and again, Google thinks that there is something wrong about this site. Google treats this as a spam or low-quality site. Google Penalizes this site and its ranking o=goes Down.

What is Ideal Keyword Density?

There is no answer to this question. Google loves quality content. If it is meant for people, Google will rank it higher whether there are stuffing or not.

But there is some recommendation from our side. If your focus keyword consists of 1 word, you can go up to 4% Keyword Density without considering it to be spam. But if your keyword is of 2 words, you better keep the density below 2.5% or repeating 5 times per 200 words.

If it is of 3-4 words then, keyword density should be approx 1.5%. If it is of 6 words and above, keep it between 0.4-0.8%.

What about LSI SEO in Keyword Density?

Now, if you optimize your content really well, you don’t even have to care about Keyword Density anymore. Keyword Density does not matter if you analyze synonym of your focus keyword and implement them properly. Provided that you don’t stuff keyword.

How to analyze synonym of Focus Keyword and implement proper LSI SEO?

To Analyze Synonym of focus keyword and implement them properly, there are several techniques that we will discuss now.

1.SEO Writing Assistance by SEMRush

SEO Writing Assistance by SEMRush is a WordPress Plugin that will help you with proper implementation of LSI Keywords. With this plugin, you can easily add your focus keyword and SEMRush will automatically suggest you with all edits that you need to rank for multiple key phrases.

Unfortunately, this plugin is NOT Free. You need to purchase SEMRush package for using this.

2. SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin

SEO by Yoast is truly one of a kind plugin. It is really amazing. It will help you write really high-quality Search Engine Optimized Content. This Plugin is a primary choice for all WordPress Bloggers.

With the free plan, you can optimize your post for only one Focus Keyword. But for other LSI keywords, you can use the Premium Version of Yoast SEO Plugin. Well, with the premium version, you can add multiple key phrases and Yoast will suggest you will all SEO guidance that you need.

3. LSI Generator Tools

With LSI Generator Tools, you can add your main keyword and these tools will Analyze Synonym of your Focus Keyword and suggest you with all Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword so you can rank really really high for a lot of keywords simultaneously for the same post.

Common LSI SEO Keyword generators are:

  1. LSI Graph
  2. Twin Word

You can use these tools to Analyze Synonym or close meaning terms for your focus Keyword and Generate LSI Keyword.


On the bottom line, LSI SEO is the art of optimizing a post from your blog or website so that it can rank for a large number of keywords and get immense traffic.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is to analyze synonym for a Focus keyword and add those similar terms with same searcher’s intent. This way the post can rank for a large number of keywords and with minimum effort, you can a lot of benefits.

You might have a look at our comparison of Best cheap web hosting for WordPress sites. This will help you to decide your web hosting needs better.

By: Subhrangshu Adhikary

Best Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress- #Top 10 Cheap Shared Hosting

Best Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress- #Top 10 Cheap Shared Hosting

Hey folks, here today I have assembled a list of Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress. Here I have sorted a list of Top #10 Cheap WordPress Hosting. You can use these hosting to start off your site. But Cheap comes with a demerit, that is they cannot handle high traffic. So, unless your site receives a decent amount of traffic, you can use these easily.

When you start off, it’s better to start with a Shared Hosting. After your site hits popularity, you can shift to Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Server or more based on your growth.

Read this Best WordPress Plugin for business. When you start your WordPress site, these might come in handy.

Here is something that will help you to decide. Data Source: WhoIsHostingThis.Com

best cheap web hosting for wordpress


Cheap Web Hosting- Elderly Reputed Companies

Below is the list of #5 Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress or other sites. These are really Good and cheap. Well, these following sites are old, authoritative and made a good presence and reputation in the market.

Although these do not have such amazing power and control as of those big brands like WP Engine or Kinsta, these are still good for beginners and intermediate bloggers.

  1. iPage

First one in our list of Cheap web hosting for WordPress is iPage. This one is present in the market for a long time. This has built quite a good reputation around. This one cost just $1.99 each year (in the 3-year plan), for all kind of unlimited service.

With this, you can host unlimited websites, create unlimited emails, good support, lots of features.

The only demerit you can say is its Control Panel. Most of the Control Panels that we use in shared hosting is called cPanel, configured in Cent-OS. cPanel costs a lot from these hosting companies. To avoid this expense, iPage uses an alternative Control Panel called V-Dock.

This is not a big problem though, the only difficulty you will face is the new interface. If you work with this for a few days, you can easily use it. You may face difficulty with site transfer, but again you can contact the support team for this.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is among the best and cheap web hosting for WordPress and other sites. This one is well old and reputed for its affordable service.

They offer to host 1 site for just $0.8 for a month. That’s a really affordable price compared to the power they offer. They have a decent support system.

Unless you have 1000-5000 visitors each day, you can easily use it. It would be really good for beginner sites.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world, had recently entered into the market of web hosting services. And now they are providing amazing services as well.

GoDaddy hosting made a fame in the market for its amazing site load speed. You must try this one. And they claim to handle high traffic per day. It costs around $1.5 per month.

4. 1and1 Hosting

1and1 Hosting is a big name in the field of hosting. It has been doing great. It has amazing support and site load speed is great. Its price is $0.99 per month.

After reading a lot of reviews, I have found one place that sometimes they overcharge for some reason. If it is by mistake, then they refunds. But it is better to avoid those mistakes. That is when you buy using a card, keep the cash low in it.

5. Namecheap

Similar to GoDaddy, Namecheap is popular as a domain registrar. But recently they have concentrated toward hosting.

Fortunately, Namecheap is providing amazing service with a really really cheap price. Starting from $31 for an entire year. And along with that, they are proving amazing features too. You can’t expect more.

Cheap Web Hosting- Amazing Growing Services

6.Indian Hosting Services

Indian Hosting Services has recently emerged into the field of Web Hosting with the aim to provide good service with affordable price.

This service has been started by India’s renowned blogger Akash Gola, from Indian Blogger YouTube channel, GetDigitalServices site, and ChopNews blog.

After a great success in his blogging career, he has created this platform. And I am one of his big fans.

Prices are starting from Rs.99 a month which is equivalent to around $1.5 per month. You may also think about this.

7. GlobeHost

GlobeHost is one of the fastest growing hosting with affordable pricing. It provides free email services and chats support and a lot more.

The best part is its pricing starts for just around $3.5 dollar each year. That is a really cheap web hosting for WordPress and other kinds of sites.

This company is up from 2002. So, you might trust it’s capabilities.


HostRipples is another amazing cheap web hosting. Providing amazing prices. Prices starting from $0.5 each month.

And the best part about this is its server locations. Servers are spread all over the world. So your site would load fast at multiple locations.

You might want to give it a try.

9. Sluhosting

Sluhosting is present over the internet from a few years now. They are providing really cheap web hosting. You can host website for an entire year for just $5.

You must give it a try.

10. Hostinor

Finally, in this list of Best  Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress and other sites we reached the final item. This one is the Cheapest among all we have discussed till now.

This one cost just and just approx $0.1 for a month. That is for an entire year, it costs less than your one day’s evening snacks. You can’t ask for anything cheaper than this.

Hostinor would definitely have a huge fan base real soon.


So, you are searching for cheap web hosting services and so you have stumbled upon here. This list provides you with all the hosting services that will allow you to start your site. But these Shared Linux hostings have limitations. When you start getting traffic, move to a stronger platform such as VPS or Cloud.

Read this article for further note.

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PuSHPress WordPress Plugin- Quick Review Especially For You

PuSHPress WordPress Plugin- Quick Review Especially For You

PuSHPress WordPress Plugin. This is a newly developed WordPress plugin. It helps your posts to index your posts way faster in any search engine. Being lite, it has incredible powers and hopes to see this rising real soon.

So, now let me tell you about the features of this exciting new plugin.

Don’t forget to read Blog Vs Vlog Income analysis.

PuSHPress WordPress Plugin

What is PuSHPress WordPress Plugin? How does it work?

Now, come to think of it, PuSHPress WordPress Plugin is a remake of PubSubHubbub. PuSHPress WordPress plugin helps you by pining your posts to Google and Lot more search engines.

You will notice that if your site is new, and then you try to post a new post to your site will take a long time to get indexed. A lot more time to rank.

What happens is that when your site is new, it has a really low Page Rank. (Page  refers to Larry Page and is a useful metric). Now, Google Crawls site way faster that have higher Page Rank.

Now, if you submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console, Google bots will regularly visit your site any time within few minutes to 28 days. This frequency depends on your activity on site.

Now, if you submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console, Google bots will regularly visit your site any time within few minutes to 28 days. This frequency depends on your activity on site.

Another option is to use Fetch As Google feature of Google Search Console. This allows you to manually send a

Another option is to use Fetch As Google feature of Google Search Console. This allows you to manually send an indexing request.

One more option is to put that post link in any high Page Rank site. Google or any search engine will find your site faster this way.

PuSHPress WordPress plugin, all it does is to ping search engines by the third method. This allows Search Engines to crawl your site more frequently. This way your posts will be indexed way faster.

If you own a business, make sure to check the WordPress Business Listing Plugin.

How to install and use PuSHPress WordPress Plugin?

To install the PuSHPress WordPress Plugin, Visit This Link. Now that you visit the link, download the plugin.  It will appear as a ZIP file.

Now go to the Plugins section of WordPress and select add new. Then Upload the ZIP file. This will install the plugin on your WordPress.

Now once you activate this plugin, this will automatically do its job so you never have to worry about it anymore.


PuSHPress WordPress Plugin is kind of new plugin but these days it seems to gain a lot more popularity. When you use this plugin, it will automatically ping search engines about your presence. This will give help your posts to get indexed on search engines a way faster.

Whether you are thinking about whether to spend your time with blogs or vlogs, read this Blog Vs Vlog Income analysis.

WordPress Business Listing Plugin

WordPress Business Listing Plugin

WordPress Business Listing Plugin. Here are a small list and their work that you might use to boost your business to a greater level.

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- What are these?

Business Listing is a popular technique used by most online business around the world. These are also called directories.

Directories have the collection of all websites or posts related to the same industry. This gives you a quick look at a variety of sites and posts at a glimpse. This may drive you highly targeted traffic.

So, whenever someone visits these directories will eventually reach your site.

Best WordPress Business Listing Plugin

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- How to add to the listing?

Business Listing could be done through submitting your blog to these directories. Once you submit, the site owner may take quite a few days to review your post or site and then approve according to their quality guidelines.

Business Listing Plugin these days makes the submission really easier. Each time you post something on WordPress, it will automatically submit the post to their respective directory. This way thing gets way easier with Wordpress Business Listing Plugin.

Here is a 131+ Manually Verified Directory Submission List.

Best WordPress Business Listing Plugins for a better online presence across the internet

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- Have SEO benefit?

In short, the answer is No!

Directories contain a lot of links in them, so rarely any fraction of Page Rank flows into it. Page Ranks are divided in all these links that it has almost nil link juice.

But in some cases, there are Premium Directories. These Directories set a rel=”nofollow” tag in their link. This NoFollow tag prevents those link from getting and SEO or Search Engine Optimisation benefit.

But once you pay them for the link, they remove this NoFollow tag and so your site gets SEO benefits.

But Google might see them as paid link so Google may not value them much for determining the post ranking in Google Search Result.

WordPress Business Listing Plugin- Best Plugin List

Here is the list of the best Wordpress Business Listing Plugin. This list would be useful to you:

  1. Business Directory Plugin
  2. Connections Business Directory
  3. Super WordPress Business Directory Listing Plugin
  4. GeoDirectory
  5. Directory Pro
  6. Advanced Classified and Directory Pro
  7. Name Directory
  8. Web 2.0 Directory Plugin
  9. BePro Listing
  10. Sabai Directory


So far we have talked about the Best WordPress Business Listing Plugin. Here is a complete guide about what are Business Listing, how good are these, and lot more. In the end, I have provided 10 best plugins for this purpose. Make sure to check this Best WordPress plugins for business for a detailed info.

Best WordPress Plugins For Business- #10 Coolest WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins For Business- #10 Coolest WordPress Plugins You Must Try

Best WordPress Plugins For Business | The Coolest Ones

WordPress is the number one choice of bloggers all around the world. Among all sites around the world, 27% of them are made on WordPress.

Thanks to this amazing popularity, we have a ton of plugins available for us to choose from. So, based on these we will review 10 best WordPress Plugins for Business ideas in mind.

Best WordPress Plugins For Business- List of 10 Coolest WordPress Plugins

Following are the Coolest WordPress Plugins that are business oriented.

Best WordPress Plugins For Business Coolest WordPress Plugins

  1. SEO by Yoast

SEO is the key factor of business success in the world of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO will boost your Google Search Rankings. So unless your site rankings are high, you won’t have a lot of success online.

To make sure Google can understand what your site is all about, SEO is a really vital factor.

To handle SEO based content for your site, SEO by Yoast is the number one choice. This will guide you step by step of writing each section of SEO based contents. Not just this, this will tell you how much easy or difficult it is for readers.

This plugin also creates a sitemap and pings search engine when you post something new or update an existing one.

Whenever I create a blog, the first Plugin that I install is SEO by Yoast. This is really the top of Coolest WordPress plugin list which is suited for business or blogs alike.

2. WP Total Cache

Next important factor is the speed of your site. Amazon from a study said that each second of their site slows, they lose a huge fraction of their sales.

Site speed is important. If your site takes really long to load then no one will stick to your site and go to another one.

But how do you improve your site speed?

The answer is by caching and minifying CSS. You can do all these in WP Total Cache. This will significantly reduce your page load speed.

You may check your page speed from Google Page Speed Insight tool. Now, one additional suggestion, disable all JetPack features associated with page speed like Lazy Load image, etc. This entangles coding and slows down the site.  This is also one of the best WordPress plugins for business.

3. AMP for WP

Your site needs to be really fast loading for your mobile users. Google these days are focusing a lot on sites that are compatible with mobile. You don’t need to display all contents of a desktop site to a mobile user. This is why you may want to have a separate mobile version of your site without much effort.

Now, this is when plugins like AMP for WP by Ahmed Kaludi and Muhammed Kaludi takes place. This is among the best WordPress plugin for business.

This creates a mobile version of your site with just a few clicks and without affecting your site’s performance. This is among the Coolest WordPress Plugins for AMP sites.

4. Smush

Now the most important factor which slows down a site is images. Now Smush is one of the best WordPress plugins for business which optimize image automatically.

When you add an image to your post or image library, Smush automatically compresses and optimize the image and improves site speed.

5. WP Embed Code Generator

This plugin is sometimes hard to find from search result so here is the direct download link.

This plugin is essential and one of the Best WordPress plugins for business. What it does is place an embed code generator at each infographic or any media of your site. Anyone who wants to put it on their site can easily put that over there.

When one embeds any content from your site to their one, this indicates Google that this page must be really good so people are linking to it. This way Google will put more emphasis on your site than others.

6. PrettyLinks

URL shortener is really vital these days. This is why Best WordPress Plugins For Business these days is PrettyLinks. PrettyLink helps you to shorten a long ugly looking URL into a shorter and beautiful URL.

Short URLs have high SEO values. If your URL is long, Google thinks of it as a highly specific page so unless someone searches for a highly specific term, your site won’t rank on Google.

On the other hand, if your URL is short, your site will start ranking for multiple terms. One more factor is short URLs have a greater Click Through rate of number of clicks per thousand impressions.

This is also among the Coolest WordPress Plugins that converts really well.


According to me, HelloBar is the Best WordPress Plugins For Business that we have talked about till now.

You have to visit HelloBar site, sign up there, create one bar or exit popups then integrate the Plugin with WordPress.

I have tested many email subscription tools, HelloBar is so far the best one. HelloBar helps you collect user emails a lot faster with a large click-through rate.

Your email subscribers are your most loyal fans. You may send them promotional emails and so they come back again and again to your site.

With HelloBar you can turn your one time visitors to permanent fans.

8. Updraft Plus

Your site is always vulnerable. To both technical difficulties or hackers. Your data always need to remain safe. This is why you could try one of the Best WordPress Plugins For Business and blogs is Updraft Plus.

Updraft Plus will automatically backup all your data to Google Drive so no matter how vulnerable conditions appear, you are always safe.

9. WP Optimize

Your WordPress creates a lot of unnecessary temporary stuff. Once their work is done, they are not required afterward. So these files need to be cleaned from the database so that site runs fast as ever.

WP Optimize cleans entire system automatically so that your site doesn’t need to keep that extra load.

This is also one of the Best WordPress Plugins For Business because it automatically frees up your server bandwidth.

10. SEO Writing Assistant SEMRush

The reason for keeping this in last of Best WordPress Plugins For Business although it is one of the Coolest WordPress plugins is it is Premium. You have to pay a good amount of money each month for using it.

This tool is quite similar to SEO by Yoast. But this has a lot more additional features like  LSI keyword or Latent Semantic Keyword. These will help you to rank on multiple closely related keywords. This is how you can rank for a wide variety of keywords from just one post.

This will help your site grow a lot faster.


So, here is the end of Best WordPress Plugins For Business also the Coolest WordPress Plugins. So by far we have discussed all amazing plugins and reviewed how and why should we use them. You may try this Blog vs Vlog Income to learn whether you should Blog or Vlog.

Blog vs Vlog Income- A quick and detailed analysis for you

Blog vs Vlog Income- A quick and detailed analysis for you

Blogs and Vlogs Income. Both work way differently than we think. But we will take a look at this further in different categories. Blogging can be of any platform and most are more or less alike. In case of Vlogs, we will consider only youtube but the same strategy takes place on other platforms too.

How Blogs vs Vlog Income takes place?

In case of vlogs, or video logs, these are generally hosted on youtube. So let’s discuss youtube earning first. blog vs vlog income

Blog vs Vlog Income source

Primary source of earning from youtube is Google Adsense. Google AdSense is the world’s most reputed ad network with high commission rates. Most YouTubers earn by displaying Google AdSense ads on their vlogs. Once upon a time AdSense ads could be integrated by any YouTubers. By soon spamming strikes and AdSense changes policy that every youtube channel would be manually reviewed before displaying ads. Soon after that new policies demanded 10,000 views are required before displaying ads. But this time people spammed YouTube by copyrighted content. Recent policies are strict which demands a Channel should have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watchtime in 12 months time. This is challenging and eliminates casual YouTubers.
Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship
Secondary source of income from youtube is Affiliate Marketing. That is you get commision from a seller whenever you help them sell a product. You may try Amazon Affiliate to know more about this. On the other hand, sponsorship is collaborating with some marketers and advertise their product. This was a blog vs vlogs income strategies on broad. Now we will discuss the amount of earning from both according to the effort required.

Blog vs Vlog Income – Earning vs Effort

Based on the effort and amount of money earned, Blog vs Vlog Income varies. For this to understand, we will assume the same amount of visitors for both and decide based on Ads earning. In case of YouTube, the first thing you need to think is about is video quality. For a youtube video, there are many things to note like a number of shots and long editing sessions. These are really time consuming. Also, lighting and backgrounds are big factors. Blog Vs Vlog Income On the other hand for blogs, if you are good at writing, you would need a maximum of 2 hours to write. And few minutes for decorations with media. In a day you may post even two content in a blog but for youtube, you need a long for editing purpose. And once you upload you cannot edit much in it. After all these efforts you put, now is time to calculate blog vs vlog income.

In case of AdSense ads

YouTube is a product of Google. So whenever you earn something through AdSense in youtube as well as Blogger subdomain blogs, Google pays only a fraction of money to the publisher compared to how much the advertiser has paid. Also, you have a limitation on how much as you can place per video. And even one more fact is that only a fraction of your views gets an ad impression. In case of Blogs, as it is non-hosted, Adsense pays a huge amount of money to the publisher. That is they cannot take the rent of hosting your content on their storage. These days AdSense has removed the restriction of how much as you can put on your blog unless there are more ads than text. Also, if viewers do not use any ad blocker then almost all views receive ad impressions. Also, you can manipulate your content for greater CPC that is cost per click on ads. In my opinion, based on efforts vs earning of blog vs vlog income, I believe earning on blogs are relatively 10 time more than vlogs.

The difficulty of getting views- Blog vs Vlog Income

So now big question of Blog vs Vlog income is receiving views. Blogs vs Vlog Income directly depends on views received. So, unless you have views, you won’t earn. So, now we will discuss blog vs vlog income depending on the difficulty of getting views. Blog Vs Vlog Income

Social Media Traffic

Views are also called Traffic. Now based on social media shares, it is easier for youtube to get more views from Social Media than on Search Engines. But this does not mean spamming your facebook timelines or creating fake accounts to promote. We are here to make you Think Grand. Open BuzzSumoBuzzSumo, then provide any search term related to your content. You will get articles that receive thousands of social shares on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You will get a list of millions of people who like similar contents. Scrape their email and send them a message asking for a share request. Even if a fraction of them shares your content, it will get viral soon. This strategy works equally well for both Blog vs Vlog Income. We will discuss these later.

Search Engine Traffic

Blogs vs Vlogs Income depends on views as we know. But the best way to get views are through Search Engine. Although YouTube is also a search engine, second biggest, Google still stands at first. YouTube algorithm works in a different manner. Which is highly versatile. So based on how quick engagement you receive, your posts will rank better on YouTube. but this is not the same for Google. Google has strict algorithms to provide the users the best experience that they can provide. So, it is comparatively easier to get more views on YouTube if you are regular, create good and targeted content. But for ranking on Google, it is a way to difficult. You have to keep a track of Search Engine Optimisation techniques. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, On-Site SEO. You need year-long time before you see yourself excelling in Google Search Result. We will teach you all these slowly. So, in our study of Blog vs Vlog Income, this was how you can increase your traffic.


Finally, our blog vs vlog income comparison comes to an end. So far we have talked about strategies of earning through our blogs and vlogs. And then which one earns more based on efforts. Lastly, how can one increase Traffic to their site. This was a detailed guide. If you think we have missed any point, then contact us, we will consider for an edit. By: Subhrangshu Adhikary