200+ Google Ranking factors and Algorithm Updates Picturised

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to decide how well a site should rank on Google. Google takes its time to evaluate all the factors and slowly and gradually they decide which position your site deserves to be at.

Now, when people comes to know about these factors, soon or later they find out spammy tactics to manipulate search results. To keep this in control, Google releases over 500 minor updates. But often in time they provides major algorithm updates too which drastically change how search engines work.

All spam sites which manipulate Google ranking factors to have a higher rank without relevancy are eliminated from the search result. In these kinds of situation, only those sites with perfect Whitehat SEO survives.

200+ Google Ranking Factors or Indicators along with Major Algorithm Updates

200+ Google Ranking Indicators and Major Algorithm updates
200+ Google Ranking Factors and Major Algorithm Updates

So, this was the infographic.

So there are so many things to look at before deciding what position should the page be at SERP. According to Neil Patel, if you are posting once a week and Getting around 5-10 Good quality Links each month, then at this pace it takes around two years to see ranking on Google.


So, you now know there are so many factors that are judged before putting your site to the first page of Google organically. Due to this strict policy Google has always provided the best result to the users and so they has been the number one choice for the users.

Google algorithm updates help to regulate spams from the search results and it does make sense. Searchers don’t want garbage in the search result. Only the most genuine content stands out in this arena.

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I have gathered these informations from the following sites and you are advised to go through them for a better understanding.